May 16, 2012 · "No hostname exists for this connection entry. Unable to make VPN connection." The hostname in the connection field is blank.. Put in the IP address of the VPN server or use the Hostname, or import a new connection entry profile.

[SOLVED] AnyConnect client doesn't remember previous Jan 31, 2017 Configuring the VPN Client - MIK To configure the VPN Client, you enter values for a set of parameters known as a connection entry. The VPN Client uses a connection entry to identify and connect securely to a specific private network. Parameters include a name and description for the connection, the name or address of the VPN device (remote server), and information that OpenVPN Installation and Configuration - Powered by Kayako Apr 11, 2012 Apr 22, 2010 · Find answers to Error 5: No hostname exists for this connection entry. Unable to make VPN connection. from the expert community at Experts Exchange

Oct 05, 2018 · Disconnect VPN. Connect VPN and immediately start capture on wireshark on virtual adapter to capture the DNS requests. 2. TCP dump from PCS from internal interface with filter set to host DNSserverIP configured on VPN connection profile. If the DNS requests are responded to and still we see the issue, please open a support case with above logs.

4.4 Making Connection to VPN Server - SoftEther VPN Project You can easily import an exported connection setting simply by double-clicking the connection setting file in Explorer or on the folder window. To import a connection setting using VPN Client Manager, click [Import VPN Connection Setting] on the [Connect] menu and specify the file name of the exported connection setting file.

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Introduction to NetMotion Mobility . NetMotion Mobility ® is standards-compliant, client/server-based software that securely extends the enterprise network to the mobile environment. It is mobile VPN software that maximizes mobile field worker productivity by maintaining and securing their data connections as they move in and out of wireless coverage areas and roam between networks. VPN — IPsec — Configuring an IPsec Remote Access Mobile Open Network and Sharing Center on the client PC. Click Set up a new connection or network. Select Connect to a workplace. Click Next. Select No, create a new connection. Click Next. Click Use my Internet Connection (VPN) Enter the IP address or hostname of the server into the Internet address field