Oct 31, 2004

May 29, 2007 How to Make a Linksys Router a Switch | Techwalla Tether the Linksys router to a computer with a Cat5 Ethernet cord by plugging one end of the cord … Linksys WRT54G Default Password - Lifewire Nov 12, 2019 HOWTO: Use Linksys WRT54G as a wireless ethernet bridge Feb 13, 2005

Linksys WRT54G Default Password - Lifewire

Linksys WRT54G in Repeater Mode | Skifactz WiFi Simple Linksys WRT54G router is capable of working in repeater mode with third party firmware like DD-WRT. A WiFi repeater is a device that will connect to another wireless access point and redistribute the signal. WRT54GS configured as Repeater - Linksys Community Read the wikipedia article on "WRT54G" for a start. Have a closer look at the dd-wrt wiki which is more extensive. 3rd party firmware may allow you to configure the router as repeater. Otherwise you have to wire the WRT to your main router. With a wired connection you are able to create a roaming network. That has nothing to do with a repeater.

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Nov 04, 2009 Can a WRT54g be used as a repeater?? - Linksys Oct 31, 2004 DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - WRT54G as a repeater May 25, 2009